Team Days

Team days


What do you want for your team? Greater productivity and effectiveness that comes from effective team cohesion, communication and shared values? Accountability and performance which comes from clarity of vision and purpose? What does the team need to achieve this? 

From 1 day to longer team events. Tailored to meet the specific outcomes required for the team:

  • greater cohesion
  • understanding strengths of individual members of the team
  • team bonding
  • high performing team values
  • roles and responsibilities
  • team vision.

Suitable for:

  • teams in transition
  • teams needing to gel
  • teams needing to recognise and appreciate others strengths and styles
  • teams needing to define next level of performance and find the motivation to deliver it


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“An expanded team and role re-configuration all round. Helen successfully coached the management team from anxiousness towards openness, understanding and a readiness for challenges. Excellent preparation, a fast-moving productive day and good follow-up report - thank you.”

Sarah Lamburne, CEO Park Families, Havant

"Was encouraging and flexible, just what we needed."

"Was attentive, patient and got the best from us at all times. She allowed us to develop and guided us rather than lectured us. "

"Was a fabulous facilitator. It was a very valuable and enjoyable process. Nice flexible process, read the situation well and great at encouraging conversations. Great structure."

"Very perceptive and provided very helpful, insightful comments."

Feedback received from MBA students after facilitating a 2 day workshop for a leading UK business school

"Helen is one of  Moore Associates Hampshire valued executive coaches. Her unique gift is bringing out the positive in people and allowing them to progress in their business using her guide posts for progression. Her workshops are fun and make the point without imposing her views. The client is helped to think about their situation and how to develop it positively. She develops the team as well as the individual!"

Shelagh Moore, Moore Associates Hampshire Ltd.




Well-structured day with clear goals. Excellent facilitation. Good venue. A great day!”

Gary Jeffries, Managing Director, Hughes Ellard