Management Development Partner

Management development partner


Whereas a coaching programme is finite and tied to short term objectives, Good to Great Coaching can partner you over a longer period on a monthly retainer and act as a trusted sounding board to test your thinking, lead you to action, and hold you to account whether it be just you or you and other members of your team.

The coach / mentor builds an intricate knowledge of your business and can attend board meetings / team meetings with a view to making you more productive and profitable.


"Helen has the enviable ability to really draw the person out of the carcass. I found that a short meeting with Helen increased my motivation and sense of purpose 100%. I've worked with business coaches many times but few can gain the confidence of a client to be able to tap into the deeper personal areas which are so important to understanding your overall life and business objectives combined. Money well spent as my monthly mentor."

Rob Brown, RJB Financial Direction, October 2, 2009

“Helen was brought in to help develop our management team and has made a real contribution to the organisation as a whole despite some early skepticism on the part of some as to how an outsider could have a real impact.

Our extended team has developed a much more open working relationship and we have learned to use our different skills and personalities to positive effect. Helen has helped us to see different perspectives and to challenge our thinking as well as demonstrating real and practical experience we can relate to as a commercial enterprise. This has increased confidence in our own personal skills resulting in a better working environment and better service levels and approach for our clients.”  

Tony Flanagan, Managing Partner, Wilton Group




“I was impressed with your energy and enthusiasm and extremely professional approach. Your ability to listen, reflect and then come up with amazing clarity of thought is what I shall now try and aspire to be like too! A very pleasurable and extremely informative experience. Thank you.”

Kathy McLauchlan, Headmistress, Taunton School


 “The coaching exceeded my expectations. Not only were the goals achieved, but also the effect has been maintained since the programme finished four months ago.”

Neil Murray, MD Certikin UK