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Below are summaries of a number of articles I have written that might be of interest to you. Click on the appropriate link at the end of the summary to read the full article.

10 indicators of a positive culture

10 Indicators of a Positive Company Culture

Company Culture is a slippery thing to pin down in absolute terms. What is more evident are the consequences of a company culture- the palpable, observable results of "how things are done around here." This article pinpoints 10 important areas, by no means an exhaustive list, indicating a positive win-win-win culture- one which creates an environment in which your employees, client service and productivity, excel. ... read the full article


Distant manager

10 Ways in Which Bosses Limit the Effectiveness of Their Staff

What traits and behaviours by the boss limit the effectiveness of their staff and thereby their productivity, client satisfaction and profitability of the company? If you are a boss can you happily say you are not represented here? ... read the full article

Soft skills are hard but crucial

Soft Skills Are Hard But Crucial

I occasionally come across the term "soft skills" uttered with little-disguised contempt as if they were the latest invention of lily-livered business vegetarians sent to hamper the red-blooded business man or woman in going about his/her business and making a profit. These are the skills that maximise your biggest resource and investment- your people; attract and retain your clients; and by achieving these, minimise costs and boost your profits... read the full article

How well do you communicate take the test

How Well Do You Communicate As a Leader? Take the Test!

What if, instead of leading to positive engagement and high performance our communication leads rather to confusion, presenteeism or alienation? How does your demeanour and language invite comment, new ideas, provide a catalyst to others' creativity? Effective communication is multi-layered, aware and flexible- inflexible only on the matter of trust. Lose that and you don't even get an ear! Are you an effective communicator? Take the following test to find out. On a scale of 1-10 to what extent can I affirm the following? ... read the full article

the clients speak out article

The clients speak out

What do clients really think about coaching? What benefits do they really receive from their sessions? Coach Helen Battersby was keen to discover the truth and so quizzed a variety of clients on their views.

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