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Founder Helen Battersby’s  experience working for a Spanish multi-national both abroad and in the UK spans the challenges faced by small and large businesses with multi-cultural perspectives as well as those faced by organisations absorbing new companies into an established corporation. 

Helen is a Member of the Association for Coaching® (AC).


Coaching Arenas

  • Inspirational leadership
  • Women in leadership
  • Interpersonal relationships and enhanced communication
  • Working smarter not harder with greater impact
  • Embedding new roles and promotions
  • Re-energising executives and leaders
  • Team Cohesion


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Helen Battersby professional coach



“I found time spent with Helen proved extremely valuable. The outcome of the conversations has been for me to refocus on what is important in the development of HW Corporate Finance and not get so caught up in the day to day noise that surrounds us all. I have now taken specific actions which I am sure will see HWCF grow more rapidly”

Charles Whelan, Managing Partner, HWCF




“An expanded team and role re-configuration all round. Helen successfully coached the management team from anxiousness towards openness, understanding and a readiness for challenges. Excellent preparation, a fast-moving productive day and good follow-up report- thank-you.”

Sarah Lamburne, CEO Park Families, Havant