10 Indicators of a Positive Company Culture

By Helen Battersby

Company Culture is a slippery thing to pin down in absolute terms. What is more evident are the consequences of a company culture- the palpable, observable results of "how things are done around here." This article pinpoints 10 important areas, by no means an exhaustive list, indicating a positive win-win-win culture- one which creates an environment in which your employees, client service and productivity, excel.

  1. People rush to pick up the phone: People are enthusiastic to talk to customers, to resolve problems as they are well- trained, developed, valued and empowered to be and do their best.
  2. People are accountable: People do things when they say they will as they follow leaders who lead by example and prepare their teams to be successful.
  3. Multiple contributors at meetings: Diverse views are encouraged, heard and discussed. People prepare for meetings and follow up on action points as they know this will be expected.
  4. Problems surface quickly: People own up when they need help or when a problem is first discovered as there is a solution-focused approach in the company rather than a blame culture.
  5. People are positive and energetic: Differences are aired and dealt with; people are in the loop so there is no breeding ground for "side" conversations and back-stabbing. There is balance within the organisation so people are not exhausted and ineffective.
  6. People respond quickly and effectively to each other: People value each other and their clients, they are developed and empowered to respond effectively or know where to find help if necessary. Leaders lead by example, responding to their responsibilities as they would like others to do so.
  7. People know each other and are clear about how they fit in their team and the wider picture: There is cross-departmental contact and email is only one method of communication- people speak to each other.
  8. People willingly go the extra mile: People stay late if there is an emergency or cover for a team mate who is sick- they feel valued by the company and so the company matters to them.
  9. Competitors find it hard to entice your clients away: Clients love dealing with your people- there is a can-do attitude- the internal sense of positivity seeps outwards.
  10. There is low staff turnover: People have progressed through the company reinforcing and modelling successful cultural behaviours to new recruits. Recruiters know the type of person that fits in the organisation and put effort into finding them.

What are the visible consequences of your company culture?


Helen Battersby
Good to Great Coaching Limited

Helen is an executive coach with a business background working for an international company in senior managerial roles including MD of a UK branch and CEO of a pan-european group of companies. She combines her experience and talents as a coach to help her clients define and achieve high performance.

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